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Used Equipment

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Weiss A1 Mic amp De- esser

The A1 is the first analog input/output only product from Weiss Engineering. A state-of-the-art microphone/line pre-amplifier with a De-esser in the popular API 500 Series format.

The side-chain of the De-esser uses a DSP – unique but advantageous for the precision of the side-chain and enabling the use of a very low noise gain element.
Two modules can be side-chain linked for stereo operation. It has a transformer balanced wide level range input with a pad for line level sensitivity. The input gain is set with a sixteen position switch. A low cut filter is useful for microphone work.

£850 Plus Vat
The output is also transformer balanced and has an additional potentiometer to set the output level independently from the levels the de-esser is running at. A polar its switch allows to change the absolute polarity of the output signal.
The de-esser section uses a bandpass filter to split the audio band. The bandpass filter parameters are the center frequency and the Q.
The Threshold parameter defines the sensitivity of the de-esser side-chain. A few attack and release times and ratios can be selected via DIP switches at the bottom of the unit.

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Weiss Dac 2
The DAC2 is based on the renowned DICE Firewire chip of the TC Applied Technologies company on the digital side and on the equally well received Burr Brown D/A converter chips on the analog side. The combination leads to a flexible and very good sounding D/A Converter.
As a high performance stereo, Firewire based, digital to analog and digital to digital converter, the DAC2 can be used either standalone or in conjunction with a PC or MAC computer. It allows for various format conversions like Firewire to analog, AES/EBU to analog, Firewire to AES/EBU, AES/EBU to Firewire. In addition it offers a digital insert point between the Firewire input and the analog output. The analog output level can be controlled via the front panel keys.
Condition like New £800 plus vat
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Your favorite D/A converter may not be the latest but you like its sound, appearance and features. So you don't want to buy another expensive DAC just to connect it to a computer.
This is where our interfaces come in. The INT204 allows any DAC to be connected to a USB ported computer. This is done, optimally, by slaving the computer's clock to the INT204's internally generated clock.

The INT204 is a USB to AES/EBU (unidirectional) interface which also handles DSD to PCM conversion. DSD files played to the INT204 result in conversion to PCM at a, selectable, sampling frequency and word-length. So your trusted D/A Converter becomes a DSD capable DAC.
In addition the INT204 can work as a digital volume control device, controlled via an infrared remote unit.
£650 plus Vat