This is a Germanium Mic Amp used in Olympic Studio 1 from 1966 until 1978 and in Studio 2 from 1969 this was the first Helios Desk made it contains Silicon transistors and has a different dynamic overload to the Germanium Studio 1 desk.
There are two Mic Amps that are switchable between Germanium and Silicon
the Mic transformer is a clone of the Lustraphone M10 use the the early desks

Peak Led is set to show the onset of soft clip on the Germanium amp which has lower
headroom than the Silicon mic Amp

control knob will allow up to 10dB of gain with a Class A amp which will drive the transformer into saturation if required

a selection of five bass cut frequencies giving more control in rooms that exhibit low frequency problems
the filter is 12dB per octave
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Air switch adds a HF peak boost found in the original Lustraphone transformer
it adds an open sound to certain instruments

When the transformer in normal mode it has flat frequency response way beyond 30kHz
with none of the out of band artefacts due to winding capacitance.

This switch will allow the comparison between Germanium or Silicon
mic amps

switch between Class A discreet balanced output or a custom made transformer for that vintage sound
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